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About destructor.de

destructor.de is everything but destructive. My main goal is to collect code and informations about (what I think) is the world's greatest software development tool – Delphi. And about (what I think) is the world's greatest Open Source SQL database – Firebird.

Then – why that name?

Why did I choose „destructor“ as the name for my site? The answer is easy: „constructor.de“ has already been occupied by someone else and I wanted to have a name which was related to Delphi and easy to remember. All the stuff here is .Free. And all other names sounded too boring ;-)

What is a 'destructor'?

A destructor is a special method (a procedure linked to a class or object), which is always called when an instance of an object is freed („destroyed“, in OOP parlance). Its job is to clean up all memory and other resources which had been allocated by the instance. So a destructor is mainly there to clean things up – a better thing than the word „destructor“ may impose!

Why is this site .Free?

.Free is the method call when you want to destroy an object instance in Delphi. So by calling .Free, the destructor is called ;-)

Shouldn't this site be written in German?

„.de“ is the Internet's top level domain for Germany, a country located in central Europe. Germany is for example known for the world's best cars (Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen), cameras (Leica, Minox, Rolleiflex) and a language which is very hard to learn for foreigners – German. As I didn't want to reduce my target group to people speaking this language, this site is written in English. (BUT: keep in mind, English is not my native language ;-) To show foreigners, how cute German really is, here are some German sentences:

Ich habe mich entschieden, diese Seiten in Englisch zu schreiben, um damit eine viel größere Gruppe potenzieller Leser erreichen zu können. Ich nehme an, dass auch deutsche Entwickler aufgrund der Gegebenheiten in der IT-Branche in der Lage sein müssen, Englisch so weit zu verstehen, dass sie auch diese Seiten lesen und dazu beitragen können. 

About me

My name is Stefan Heymann. I live in Tübingen in the south of Germany, located about 40 km south of Stuttgart, the capital of the German state Baden-Württemberg. And I love Delphi (not as much as I love my wife and my children, but that's another story ...).

Together with another colleague I am running a software development company in Tübingen. Consic is focussing on software development for industrial quality management and production.

I welcome your E-Mails with suggestions, bug reports, support questions, code, etc.


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