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In this area you will find my various Open Source codes for Delphi and Kylix.

Project Description Versions
XML Parser XML Document Parser D4+ K1+
LibTar Reading and writing tar files.
With documentation and demo project.
D5+ K1+
LinkList Classes for the management of doubly-linked lists D2+ K1+
Bitness A small command line tool to detect the "bitness" (32 or 64 bit) of Windows executable files (.exe, .dll)
WinsockInterface 32-bit ObjectPascal (Delphi 2/3/4/5/6/7) interface unit for the development of WinSock applications. Supports the WinSock 1.1 interface on Win32. With extended functionality for loading/unloading the Winsock DLL, retrieving error names and verbose error texts by error code D2+
VERxxx Codes Delphi/C++Builder VERxxx Compiler Switches All


"D" means Delphi, "K" means Kylix, "C" means C++Builder. The number means the version number. A plus sign (+) like in D2+ means "Delphi 2 and up".