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Site History

Here is the complete site history, latest changes first:

2019-11-22 New version 2.0.5 of the XML parser, together with an updated XML Reader demo application for the Unicode Delphi versions
2019-01-22 New version 2.0.3 of the XML parser, together with an updated XML Reader demo application for the Unicode Delphi versions
2016-10-31 New version 2.0 of the XML parser, which is now fully Unicode aware
2014-06-23 New version of the LibTar library
2014-04-14 New version of the LinkList library
2011-05-23 New version of the LibTar library
2010-11-29 New version of the LibTar library
2010-10-12 New version of the XML parser, which is now checked for compatibility with the new Delphi XE
2010-08-04 Firebird GBAK can use -m at restore time, restoring only the metadata. This is working since InterBase 6.0 or longer, it was documented nowhere and nobody knew it ... (except Ann Harrison and Jim Starkey, maybe)
2009-12-31 A new version of the XML Parser, fixing a few things and making it collaborate with Delphi 2009/2010 
2008/2009 I lost track about the changes bust they mostly were about the Firebird pages and the documentation for the Firebird command line tools. There are also pictures from the 2009 Firebird Conference in Munich.
2007-11-01 Firebird Reference Documentation project dump
2007-10-25 PhotoGallery for the Firebird Conference 2007 in Hamburg/Germany
2006-11-26 Various updates to Firebird articles for Firebird 2.0. New Articles about INSTREG, INSTSVC, ISQL, Firebird 2.1
2006-10-29 New article Running more than one Firebird Instance per Server Machine
Updated the article about GBAK
2006-09-26 New pages about the Firebird Conference 2006, my Conference Blog and the Conference Photo Gallery
2006-03-13 New version of LibTar (bugfix)
2005-12-15 Created new pages for Firebird 2.0 and Firebird 3.0. New page with Firebird Logos
2005-11-20 Finished the blog and put up the slides of my sessions from Firebird Conference 2005
2005-05-11 Start of my Weblog about the 2005 Firebird Conference in Prague
2005-09-03 New Version 2.0.6 of the Tar file access library LibTar
2005-03-11 OK, I know I'm quite late with this. But I wanted it to be complete. Added information about Firebird 1.0
2005-02-28 Pete Fraser, author of GenHelp, has provided help files for the XML parser which can now be downloaded from the Download section
2005-02-23 Included a new section: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the XML parser
2005-02-10 Added an article about Firebird Character Sets and Collations
2004-09-05 Added an article about Firebird Triggers
2004-08-22 Added an article about Firebird Stored Procedures
2004-07-21 Added Firebird 1.5.1 issues to the What's New in Firebird 1.5 article
2004-07-14 My Firebird articles are now released under a "choose-your-favorite" multi-licence
2004-06-03 New article about the Firebird GSEC tool
2004-04-13 New article about the Firebird GFIX tool
2004-04-12 New articles about Firebird minimum client install and the Firebird GBAK tool
2004-03-03 This is destructor.de's 4th Birthday!
So I added a new section about the Firebird RDBMS.
2003-11-28 It's Blue. I completely redesigned the entire site. I hope you like it.

TXmlScanner documentation completed. New article about Character Sets.

Site Redesign
2003-03-04 New release of the XML parser. Added support for Delphi 7 and Kylix 3.
2002-06-26 New release of the XML parser. One bug fixed.
2002-05-18 New LibTar unit, Version 2.0.5. You can now compile LibTar under Kylix. Thanks to Kerry Davison who provided the code changes. 
2001-12-26 Hey, it's Christmas! The best wishes for all you out there!

New LibTar unit, Version 2.0.4. Fixed a serious bug with writing tar files (I hope that was the last time now ...)
Thanks to Nick Boland, Dmitri Zakharov and Jens Hesselbach for reporting this issue.

I removed hints to Holger Dors from the About Box. Holger helped me to create the idea for this site. However, he is too busy himself to contribute any code. Please watch out his incredible RazorLame project on Holger's homepage. RazorLame is a Windows frontend for the LAME MP3 encoder. It's .Free and it comes with full source code.

2001-12-05 New release of the XML parser. Corrected a bug fix for D4 owners ;-)
2001-11-17 Included a new page about the DSL
2001-11-13 New LibTar unit, Version 2.0.3. Fixed a serious bug in TarWriter and added a demo for writing tars.
2001-10-25 New LibTar unit, Version 2.0.2. It can now also write tar files.

If you want to be notified about updates to the XML Parser, just send me a mail and let me know. I promise that I will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose than this!

2001-10-01 Dateien von der 5. Entwickler-Konferenz
2001-09-03 I have checked D6 compatibility of the XML parser and included a D6 package file.
2001-07-14 New release of the XML parser with a bug fix for the stack overflow.
2001-07-11 New release of the XML parser with major changes of the TXmlScanner VCL wrapper and a new Kylix demo project for the parser.
2001-07-03 New Kylix capable version of the XML parser
2001-04-28 New tar file library
2001-02-28 New XML parser versions (class and component)
2000-10-09 Photographic impressions from the Entwickler-Konferenz
2000-09-28 Dateien von der 4. Entwickler-Konferenz
2000-07-29 New TXmlParser version
2000-07-27 New TXmlScanner version, new demo, new documentation
2000-07-15 Inserted Postcardware page
2000-07-11 Published minor changes to the XML Parser
2000-06-21 Unicode page changed
2000-06-04 Changed XML format for Unicode Character Mapping Tables
2000-05-21 New Site Design, Unicode page introduced
2000-04-10 Libraries section opened
2000-03-28 XML Parser published
2000-03-15 New Logo, new Slogan (but nothing else ;-)
2000-03-04 The site is under heavy construction
2000-03-03 The idea is born, destructor.de is installed