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Firebird Conference 2005

The Firebird Conference 2005 took place in Prague, Czech Republic, in the Hotel Olsanka from 13 to 15 November 2005.

I gave two speaks:

Using Firebird for Quality Management Software

An Experience Report

Consic Software Engineering is using Firebird as the database for its software for Quality Management in manufacturing industries. The talk will show how we use Firebird for various editions (local, network, evaluation) of our software, how we handle things like licencing issues and user administration and the perception of Firebird by our customers. 

What Developers Should Know about Character Sets, Unicode etc. 

Windows-1252 or ISO-8859-1? UTF-8? Unicode? This session will introduce you to the world of Character Sets and Unicode. Every developer must know the interrelations to make correct decisions in handling textual content.

My Conference Blog

My Session Papers

You can get all information about the conference from the IbPhoenix or Firebird websites.