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Firebird 1.0

When Borland published the InterBase 6.0 source code in 2000, the Firebird project was founded. A new branch on SourceForge was opened, and the Firebird Foundation was founded to fund the project.

Firebird 1.0 is a bug-fixed and slightly enhanced variant of InterBase 6.0. The freely available InterBase 6.0 documentation can be used for Firebird. However, there are a few additions.

The current (and last) version of Firebird 1 is version 1.0.3. It can not be run together with InterBase, because it uses the same port (3050/tcp), service name (gds_db), Registry entries and client library name (GDS32.DLL) as InterBase. You can, however, use InterBase 6.0 database files (or better do a backup+restore, using the GBAK tool of both databases).

What was new in Firebird 1.0

Language enhancements


For a complete list of all new features, enhancements and bugfixes refer to the files stored in the "doc" subdirectory of your Firebird 1.0 installation.