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INSTREG — Registering Firebird in the Windows Registry

The purpose of this utility is to install the Registry keys for Firebird. Because its task is to deduce the RootDirectory path as the directory immediately above its own location and to write this to the Registry as an absolute path, instreg.exe must be installed in the bin sub-directory of the Firebird root directory (see note above). 

The Registry key is *not* required for the engine to run; however, many third-party tools expect to read it in order to work. The key stored is 
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Firebird Project\Firebird Server\Instances
and it contains one string value: DefaultInstance.

This 'DefaultInstance' string value contains the full path (backslash terminated) to the root directory of the installation. This setup is built so that management of named multi-instances of the server will be possible in a next version. Currently, the one and only instance receives the hard-coded name 'DefaultInstance'. There is nothing else stored in the registry. Any version or configuration information is to be found by third-parties tools in the relevant firebird.conf file. This file can be located thanks to the root path stored in the ...\Instances\DefaultInstance value.

General Syntax

instreg i[nstall] | r[emove] [-z]

To get brief text help, just invoke instreg.exe with no arguments.


Install the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Firebird Project\Firebird Server\Instances key and DefaultInstance string to the Windows Registry
Remove Registry key for Firebird
Show version information


Install Firebird Registry entry

instreg i

Delete Firebird Registry entry

instreg r

Stefan Heymann, created 2006-11-26

This article has been derived from the original Firebird documentation (README.instsvc.txt)
This documentation is licensed under (choose your favorite): GPL, LGPL, CC, IDPL, GFDL, BSD, (did I forget one?)