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Welcome to www.destructor.de. This site is not destructive at all. It is all about Free and Open Source software and programming with Borland Delphi.

Everything on this site is .Free so you can use it for free.


XML Parser iconXML Parser: The main project is my XML Parser for Delphi. It's a simple and fast parser for all types of applications.

Starting with Version 2, the XML Parser is fully Unicode aware and can be used from Delphi 2009 onwards.

LibTar iconLibTar: With LibTar you can read and create Unix/Linux "tar" files. This is a simple file format for putting together several files into one single file.


Firebird iconFirebird: Information and documentation about the Firebird SQL Server.

Character Sets iconCharacter Sets: Only when I built my XML Parser I learnt what Unicode and all these Character Sets really are. In times where software is spread all over the world, every programmer must have a basic understanding of these things. So I put together all the information, to give you a start on the topic and a good reference. 

This site is GIF free. I am against software patents.

".Free" is the method to destroy an object instance in the Object Pascal language.

Stefan Heymann